Needing a question answered about Airball?


What should I wear?

It's really up to you. Whenever we play we wear tracksuit bottoms and believe it's the most comfortable thing to wear, especially when on artificial turf.

What should I bring?

Airball is thirsty work so bring a bottle of water. We also suggest bringing a change of clothes as it does get hot and sweaty while playing.

Are there any height or weight restrictions?

Yes, for safety reasons we are only able to offer the events to people under 22 stone. However we do have two 1.8 metre balls for larger players.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have public liability insurance. Please note that this is a contact sport and injuries are possible.

Do you have a member of staff at the event?

Yes there is always a member of staff at each event we host. If you have any special requirements please give us a call or email.

Is there a minimum age?

Yes, all players must be 8 years old or over.

How many players can we bring?

You can bring as many as you like however we don't recommend bringing more than 15 for a 1 hour session. If you have more it's better to book a 2 hour session.

Can we play indoors?

Yes, we offer both indoor and outdoor venues.


Our balls are made of the highest quality TPU.

Can we purchase your equipment?

Yes, you can. Please contact us for more information.

How long do the games last?

The games are usually an hour long but if you have more than 15 people we recommend a two hour session with 10 minute substitutes.

Question still not answered?

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Head over to our contact page to email us or give us a call